About me

I guess you know my name already! About me, the average dreamer, the simple Jesus worshiper and follower. About my photography – the simple truth about life, the unveiled beauty of God's creation, the precious simplicity of moments that stick with us for the rest of our lives.

Cannot say I studied the art, I just love it and that's that. Photography makes me bubble on the inside, it is like an internal eruption that has to go out somehow, and out come the photos! I am not after having shiny portfolios with straight line pictures and much too smiley people. I like to photograph what comes naturally, what is creative and out of the blue.

I would like to photograph you and your loved ones as your true, real selves, to capture the little and the big moments alike, as they are all important. I will be open so that you will open as well and believe me you'll notice the difference in the photographs I'll take.

If you agree with what I'm saying so far, then get in contact soon! Looking forward to be part of your moment!

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